Presidential Campaigns Underway in Bolivia

Presidential Campaigns Underway in Bolivia
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12 September 2014
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Political parties vying for Bolivia's presidency in the October 12 General Elections will launch their media campaigns Friday. 

Bolivia's Supreme Electoral Council (TSE) will allow each party ten minutes on television and radio per day, between publicity spots and live on-air presentations. In addition, every party will be able to publish two daily pages and one weekly publication of twelve pages (tabloid size) in the written press.

Each party must identify their organization with their name, symbol and colors in order to avoid anonymous and misleading representations in the media.

The parties that have registered with the TSE - the Democratic Christian Party (PDC), Democratic Unity (UD), Green Party of Bolivia (PVB), Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) and the Fearless Movement (MSM) - will send their messages through the State media without any cost.

Voters will choose their national and regional legislativerepresentatives as well as their president for the nextfiveyears (2015-2020). The most recent polls have currentPresident and candidate for the MAS, Evo Morales well ahead with 50.2 percent. Samuel Doria of the right-wing UD is trailing in second with 19.1 percent, while Jorge Quiroga of the PDC is in third with 9.1 percent.

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