Yordan O´Farril: Not making a lot of noise, but ready to Rio 2016

Yordan O´Farril: Not making a lot of noise, but ready to Rio 2016
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6 May 2015
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Yordan O’Farril is not a renowned athlete yet and life has placed him at a crossroad.

On one hand, he has been the first track and field athlete to get his ticket to Rio de Janeiro 2016. On the other hand, he knows this competition will indicate if he can continue the legacy of his predecessors Anier Garcia and Dayron Robles.

He ran the 110 m hurdles in 13.40s at the International Meeting held in Guadeloupe behind American Aleec Harris (13.18s) and French Wilhem Belocian (13.30s), junior world record holder thanks to his 12.99 in Eugene, Oregon.

With 6’0 and 73 kg, O’Farril stunned specialists at the IAAF World Junior Championship held in Barcelona in 2012 with his 13.18s race.

He personally took revenge of his result at the I Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore 2010, where he ended fifth after being labeled as the favorite to win the competition.

Main virtues: Good technique he has improved (see his 13.19s in Prague, Czech Republic, June 2014). He is strong in the second half of the race. This feature has been common trait of Cuban hurdlers. He has good technique while facing hurdles and he is constantly trying to get it better.

Handicaps: the start reaction and the pace until the first hurdle. He confessed he has improved, but he still needs long way to go. He also needs to gain some weight in order to display more physical power.

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