Cuba Says Attacks against Brazilian Leaders Unjustifiable and Disproportionate

Cuba Says Attacks against Brazilian Leaders Unjustifiable and Disproportionate
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8 March 2016
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Cuba has denounced ongoing judicial and parliamentary attacks against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, calling them unjustifiable and disproportionate.

In an official statement, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said the aim of such attacks is to overthrow the legitimate government of the South American country, discredit the ruling Workers' Party and undermine regional progressive forces. The foreign ministry said the attacks contravene Brazilian Constitution and democracy.

“Last week's coercive detention of Lula da Silva and the attempted parliamentary coup against Dilma have been widely condemned across the country, from the government and its allies, to mass organizations, trade unions and social movements, which have staged protest demonstrations in several cities across Brazil. Meanwhile, these acts have also generated a wave of condemnation throughout Latin America.”

The Cuban foreign ministry added that the dirty war being waged against the Brazilian leaders is a new method by the oligarchy and opposition sectors in some Latin American countries to try to impose on our peoples what they have not been able to accomplish in the polls.

The Cuban statement also acknowledges the courage and determination shown by both Dilma and Lula in confronting the attacks, and expresses its solidarity with and support for the Brazilian people and their Workers' Party leaders.

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