Adrian Berazaín prepares the ground for 2020: hope does not get tired

Adrian Berazaín prepares the ground for 2020: hope does not get tired
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8 January 2020
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CubaSí interviewed young Cuban singer-songwriter Adrian Berazain on New Year’s Eve: the perfect timing for brewing up projections and reunions, a change of cycle.

Was 2019 a happy year for you?

2019, well…I believe my 2019 was great, especially in Spain where I shared my music with Nasiri Lugo, Karamba Band, David Blanco, and Kamankola, as part of the Habana Alternativa project. Besides, some of my songs have reached the top really fast; for instance, the song Suelta, from the soap opera Entrega

Any challenges and plans for 2020?

Happiness will be part of my 2020 as well. We are now organizing a major concert to be held on March 7, at Karl Marx Theater where I plan to cover all the hits from every album I have made. I will share stage with star guests such as Israel Rojas and Buena Fe, David Blanco, Luna Manzanares, my very best friend Mauricio Figueiral, just to name a few.

Are you brewing up new album?

I am preparing my fourth album which, as a result of the song Suelta, will be focused on this way of writing my songs, a new path of saying, and doing arrangements. Hence, the song Suelta is like the genesis of this new album.

Will the song Suelta be included in the new album?

Of course it will be included. I have spent many years writing songs like this and I believe there is no better timing to introduce them to the world. Perhaps in a list of ten of twelve songs, you may find two or three linked to love, which is the primary subject of my work. But most of them will be worked like this, from a philosophical perspective with no politics or social problems involved.

Would you like to send a message to the Cuban people and your fans on the eve of 2020?

It is very simple: hope does not get tired and roams free.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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