Venezuela: A Vote for Peace

Venezuela: A Vote for Peace
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17 October 2017
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Yes, PEACE is the word that should be heading any objective comment on the regional elections held in Venezuela yesterday. More importantly, the Bolivarian Revolution won 18 of the 23 states —winning back some lost states in the past. We must highlight the attendance of citizens —which was massive— as well as the absent of any sort of violence, the withdrawal of paramilitary elements slithering in El Tachira, and the support of international observers on the transparency of the whole process.

As usual, most of the Western media ignored what occurred in the South American country. They focused on the crisis, the continuation of violence and the rest of the script written by the U.S. to dethrone the Bolivarian Government. By the way, without being unduly optimistic, the Bolivarian Government is showing excellent health.

International observers were this time objective, and they were endorsed by their participation in previous and similar processes in Latin America. They praised by the transparency, organization, and participation in the election process, which guaranteed the respect of the citizens’ will.

Not without cause, the electoral system in Venezuela is the most audited, which allows its citizens to vote electronically and then, they get a printed document pointing out the result of their vote. Therefore, there is no technical chance voters could not know their will.

International auditors coincided they were impressed by the long lines of happy people wanting to vote since the early hours of the Sunday. They felt free and thus, participated amid very-well organized electoral logistics.

Elections are voluntary in Venezuela. Thus, voters who attended to the ballot box on Sunday did it because they trust in their government. They trust the government respects the popular will. They are committed to a real democracy and have no fear to be sanctioned if they do not vote.

Even without making official the final results, the people that have endured violence, economic war, scarcity in power generation, gas, and food, voted for peace this time to decide the true fate of Bolivar’s homeland.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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