For a Life without Violence: Join Us

For a Life without Violence: Join Us
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4 August 2017
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CubaSi talked to Danilo Jesus de la Rosa, coordinator of the campaign “For a Life without Violence: Join Us”, which is promoted by several Cuban institutions and organizations.

The young artist detailed that it is an “initiative carried out by the Young Communist League, the Federation of Cuban Women, the Center for Youth Studies, the Hermanos Saiz Association, the Jose Marti Brigade, the Cuban United Nations Association, and other organizations that also work in the AGENDA 2030 for sustainable development, which is the plan of the Party (Cuban Communist Party) for the social and economic development until 2030.”

In Cuba, according to Danilo, promoting equity among genres is part of the “Government and State policy to generate a participatory democracy. Obviously, this initiative contributes to the support and strengthening of the revolutionary processes emerged within the history of the Revolution in these 59 years. Thus, the campaign has fostered, along with some concerts, activities, and spaces to dialogue about sustainable development.”

Culture has championed this crusade against all sort of violence: “many artists like Idania Valdes, Michel Herrera, Claudia Vicent, and Wendy Vizcaino have raised awareness and contribute from their work to the prevention and confrontation to the gender-based violence in the lyrics, videoclips. They address the subject of violence against women and girls where we find often what we call violence of symbols.”

However, our goal is to multiply these messages. The coordinator urges again “to summon other artists interested to contribute to this campaign so they can add to this fight for equity in order to create authentic men and women, dynamics…”

Finally, Danilo commented about other sides of the campaign: “we carry out community works in parks, hospitals, schools; we offer different workshops. We have one on the Convention of the Right of the Child in Elementary, and High schools. Enterprises such as Cuba Ron and Bavaria have joined the project, which have been paramount for us especially while dealing with the subject of the consumption of alcohol. Ultimately, the goal is to join forces against violence.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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