Hanser Garcia: Barcelona as expressway to reach Budapest in less than 49 seconds

Hanser Garcia: Barcelona as expressway to reach Budapest in less than 49 seconds
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15 June 2017
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Trust is the word that comes to my mind when I read the news of Hanser Garcia’s bronze medal at the European circuit Mare Nostrum.

He and his trainer Maria Luisa Mojarrieta asked for such trust after two competitions back in April, where he swam the distance in 50,21s and 50,39s in the Marcelo Salado Cup.

The first thing I did when I got to my office was to look for information and I saw the 48,83s, excellent time taking into account the training stage he is in. This result gives him direct qualification to the FINA World Championship to be held in Budapest, Hungary.

Let’s see some ins and outs, so readers can get an idea of Hanser’s great feed.

In top shape, Hanser made his PB (Personal Best) 48,04s and ended seventh in the Olympic Games 2012.

After only six months of hard training and two years without competitions, he lost weight (104kg-82.5kg) and was able to swim the 100m in less than 49 seconds.

In the finals, he ended third behind London 2012 Olympic Games runner-up Australian James Magnunsen (48,68s) and Brazilian Bruno Fratus (48,82s).

A closer look to the world ranking in the current season reveals that Hanser is 19th with that time. The ranking is headed by British Duncan Scott (47,90s), Mc Evoy (47.91s) and American star Nathan Adrian (48,18s).

I remember the words of Hanser when he was interviewed on his possible return to the elite: “I never thought it would be so tough to return. I faced the challenge of losing two kilograms per week. I am not in my ideal weight, yet. Things I did easily in trainings, I am now having a hard time to get them done. Two years out of the competition is too much.

I will find my pace set by step. It is being just six months of training.

I have been able to bear the workloads very well. Aerobics worked just fine but the tactic side of the training did need a specific work according to the future competitions I will face.

I swam with confidence. His trainer Maria Luisa Mojarrieta trusts him: “he could not put into practice the strategy of swimming his arms 5 times in the last 5-10 meters. It has been a violent process. We have violated some steps in the preparation process.

He has everything he has to get to be in the elite. You have to take risks with a man like him. Age is not a handicap. He will meet every goal he wants. If he is focused, results will come. He has conditions and attitude”.

Hanser will face another challenge in the third leg of the Mare Nostrum circuit. The competition will be held in Canet, France, June 17-18.

He has now two extra motivations. He has two children and he may well indulge himself with another medal for the Parent’s Day. Let’s trust.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / Cubasi Translation Staff

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