Ileana-Washington: Sad Spokesman of “Dissidents”

Ileana-Washington: Sad Spokesman of “Dissidents”
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3 March 2017
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The republican congress member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen looked upset last Wednesday because of the legislators who visited Cuba and ignored her “dissidents.”

Thus informed Nora Gámez Torres, New Herald journalist who reports from Miami on the Caribbean nation.

What’s the source of her annoyance? They held meetings with Cuban parliamentarians, but not with the “dissidents.”

The latter have been hurt dearly after the cut of government budget in favor of those groups.

Even the messages from the official representation of Washington in Havana, acknowledge the lack of character they exhibit.

This week, Gámez Torres notified, speaking before the House of Representatives, Ileana challenged those who visited Cuba “frequently”, to go on parades with the so-called Ladies in White.

Who are those famed ladies?

As it has been broadly demonstrated, a group of women who, for money, parade the streets of Havana.

Will they have the courage to accompany them? Ileana insisted, or they just want a quick trip to make Cuba attractive?”

According to Gámez Torres, the comment of the Floridian legislator is a concealed critic to senators Patrick Leahy, Tom Udall, and Michael Bennet, as well as the representative Jim McGovern, who were welcomed in Havana by high-ranking officials.

Meanwhile, she added, Cuba forbade the entrance to its territory to the secretary-general of OAS, Luis Almagro.

Why? Because of the scandalous political adulation towards the United States.

Now Washington had ordered him to grant an award made in U.S.A. in the Cuban capital, a poor pantomime that was rejected.

In this scenario Mrs. Lehtinen denounced the supposed increase of repression in Cuba.

According to the legislator, the victims were, first of all, women and to endorse her version she quoted as source the Freedom House, a NGO that, almost openly handles the CIA.

The tiny congress member for Miami also encouraged Trump to “fulfill his duty” and revise the politics toward Cuba.

A couple of months ago White House spokesmen warned that such process was under close examination.

When recently the multimillionaire president spoke before the two chambers of the Capitol, he didn't mention the matter.

Ileana considers that the president’s statements as well as those of his collaborators hint that the administration is readying “to assume a harder stance” towards its Caribbean neighbor.

Although, experts add, so far the possible changes remain unclear.

That is, it’s a very complex question that takes time, patience, and wisdom.

Meanwhile, Cuba remains calm, without underestimating, not for a minute, the extremely complex circumstances that surround it.

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