Washington: Trump and His Growing Problems

Washington: Trump and His Growing Problems
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9 February 2017
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Tainted by his famous characteristic, rubbing some the wrong way can build up an explosive situation in the United States.

This is the main meaning derived from the group of information on this regard from there. According to experts, all this corroborates that Trump’s administration is heading for a rough path

Now with its customary grotesque language the leader accused the media and the Justice "of underestimating a terrorist threat".

Members from the San Francisco's Appeal Court listened to Washington State spokesmen, territory where a court lifted the banning against the entrance of refugees from seven countries of Muslim majority.

As it is known, the Trump’s migratory veto was a go last January 27 and stirred confusion even among those who were responsible to apply it.

It also stirred chaos in airports and unleashed world protests.

At first it attained popular support, but now a light majority of Americans disapprove of it.

After the popular support in the beginning, two new surveys showed as a result that a small majority of Americans back it.

It was in this turmoil that a legislator from Alabama intended to raise by a 2% the tax on funds transfer to Mexico.

According to the Associated Press (AP), the author was the republican congressman from that ultraconservative territory, Mike Rogers who seek to collect 1 000 million dollars "a year" with his proposal.

Those funds transfer that go from the United States to the neighboring nation, climb yearly to about 30.000 million dollars.

Republican leaders in the Capitol estimated in 15,000 million dollars the cost of the construction of the wall that Trump values so much.

AP remembered this week that Trump insists in Mexico to run with the expense of the construction of the wall, when President Enrique Peña Nieto has said the opposite.

In fact a journalist from the New Herald was born in Mexico, Jorge Ramos Avalos, thanked this Monday the United States, the opportunities that it gave him.

However, at the same time he wrote that, based on the current reality, he doesn't expect the same luck for thousands of his countrymen.

Why he arrives to this conclusion? He argues that.

Millions of Mexicans that arrived after me in the United States could be deported.

In the same executive order in which Trump announces the construction of the wall with Mexico there is a radical change in priorities to deport.

Now those who have "committed acts that constitute a criminal offense" (regardless if they are never found guilty) can be expelled.

There are also those who have committed "fraud... before a government's agency", that is, anyone who has used a fake license or fake social security number.

"Translation: practically the 11 million foreign illegal living in the United States are now a deportation priority".

The greatest fear is that the following step would be massive raids in working places, houses, and business centers.

Therefore, the multimillionaire president has been gathering a feeling of rejection which is about to brim over.

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