US fast-attack Submarine Visiting Gtmo Bay

US fast-attack Submarine Visiting Gtmo Bay
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15 June 2024
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The fast-attack submarine USS Helena is in the waters of Guatanamo Bay Cuba, at the US naval base located in that the illegally occupied Cuban territory.

The US Southern Command announced on X that “The fast-attack submarine USS Helena is in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as part of a routine port visit as it transits the U.S. Southern Command geographic area of responsibility while conducting its global maritime security and national defense mission. The vessel's location and transit were previously planned.”

The announcement took place one day after the arrival at the Havana harbor of a Russian detachment of war ships, which are visiting here till June 17.

The Russian detachment includes Frigate Gorshkov, Nuclear-powered submarine Kazan, oil tanker Pashin and tug Nikolai Chiker.

The visits by naval units from other nations to Cuba is a historic practice and an expression of friendship and cooperation, reads a dispatch by PL news agency.

Along the Russian detachment, Canada’s Royal Navy patrol ship HMCS Margaret Brooke and Venezuela’s school boat AB Simon Bolivar will also visit Cuba these days.

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