URNG-MAIZ condemns US blockade and disinformation about Cuba

URNG-MAIZ condemns US blockade and disinformation about Cuba
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21 June 2022
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Guatemala City, Jun 21 (Prensa Latina) The Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG-MAIZ ) on Tuesday strongly condemned the 63-year US blockade against Cuba.

In a statement to which Prensa Latina News Agency had access, the URNG-MAIZ condemned “hostile blockade and harassment imposed, for decades, on the Cuban people, with which the US government has always tried to overthrow the Socialist Revolution.”

With this economic, financial and political measure, the United States constantly tries to prompt social unrest and also leads a political destabilization and discredit campaign by using millions of dollars as well as updated information and disinformation technologies.

“Cuba has overcome the pandemic and has been able to produce its own medicines and vaccines against Covid-19. It has returned to normalcy, but unfortunately continues to face serious economic and financial problems for acquiring materials,” the URNG-MAIZ pointed out.

With this, the US government seeks to lower Cubans´ standard of living, to generate discontent and violent incidents to touch off an alleged “humanitarian aid”, which was already tried in 2021 and failed.

Cuba is not alone. It proves to be a stable, safe, united, organized country and also capable of facing up great challenges with creativity, effort and defense of its Revolution; that is why it does not suffer a crisis and its population is not in danger.

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