UN Urges to Support Mission to Haiti Due to Escalation of Violence

UN Urges to Support Mission to Haiti Due to Escalation of Violence
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9 March 2024
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The rapid deterioration of the security situation in Haiti keeps the United Nations on alert, which raised its calls to finance the Multinational Security Support Mission for that country this week.

Amid the escalation of organized gangs, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres reiterated his call to the Government and all stakeholders to take immediate steps to advance the political process leading to elections.

Guterres also called for urgent international action, including immediate financial support for the Multinational Security Support Mission to address insecurity in Haiti.

The agency confirmed that it will attend the Community of Caribbean States (CARICOM) meeting scheduled for Monday in Kingston, Jamaica.

Chief of Staff Courtenay Rattray will attend the meeting with several international partners to encourage support to restore democratic institutions in Haiti as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, humanitarian activities are constrained by limited access due to the violence.

According to the latest update, the UN team in Port-Au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, assured that protection and gender-based violence services have been reduced or suspended due to security and access concerns.


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