"Sueños" in Rumba Tempo

"Sueños" in Rumba Tempo
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27 January 2023
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The first record production of the young group from Matanzas Rumba Timba, heirs of blood and music of Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, is ready. During the presentation to the press, its director, Diosdado Enier Ramos, Figurín, commented:

«The album began to be recorded in 2020 and in 2023 we are giving full light to this "Dream". With a lot of positive energy, we are super happy and grateful to Bis Music for giving us this opportunity."

What’s well learned…

In the neighborhood La Marina and with the blessing of Muñequitos these boys were born and thrive.

"We knew that, as happens with the navel of children when they are born, we had to cut lose and be able to make a difference with respect to the rumba made by Los Muñequitos, because it’s a very classic rumba, marked by more than 70 years of dedication," said Figurín and added:

«It’s been an huge sacrifice of these boys who accompany me to have always been there to learn. We have learned from Los Muñequitos, because they have always rehearsed at home, so, since they were children, playing instruments the claves, the tumbadora: "kids, get out of here, we're rehearsing", but in that way they loved, respected since they grew up, and now they can start from that classic rumba made by Los Muñequitos, to reach Rumba Timba and be able to create within our music».

How to make the music that your generation holds within, allow those melodies that were assembled in your ears to emerge and find the principles to insert, in that sacred space which is the rumba from Matanzas, in the rumba of Los Muñequitos, a saxophone, some timpani...

Crazy about the Rumba

The outstanding musicologist and manager of Rumba Timba shared with Figurín the general and artistic production of the phonogram. During the exchange with the press, Cary commented:

«I believe these boys perform every day, even if they are rehearsing. Now you say, 20 years and in that time they haven’t had a record, but they have been working hard, learning and this is their First Work, but they have been ready for this step for a long time, for a production like this, with these arrangements that I invite you to listen to when you have the chance to see with your ears...

«These children have always been crazy about rumba, about their culture from Matanzas and we are proud that they have been able to reach a place like this, a music like the one collected in the album. All these songs are high risks and I think that great artists who are already professionally performing in important groups know it, they have also taken this high risk, as Carlitos D'Vega and the team from his studios risk it, the sound designers are also part of these works».

The album was recorded in the midst of the pandemic, but according to Cary Diez, there was never pessimism: "They constantly create joy, they are part of that revitalizing energy that rumba has."


The album contains 11 songs, there’s no lack of homage to their parents and their beloved neighborhood: La Marina. Two years ago Figurín had told us in an interview about the guests on the album, which comes accompanied by a documentary.

Among the collaborations he highlighted appear Julito Padrón on the trumpet; Rolando Luna on the piano; Samuel, a young bassist, and percussionists Brenda Navarrete, and Edgar Martínez.

Also participating were Alexis Davis Zamora, "El Samurai"; Jordi, one of the musicians of Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor; Alcibiades Durruthy López and Ronald González, director of the group Explosión rumbera and former member of Rumba Timba.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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