Spanish filmmaker meets with young people in central Cuba

Spanish filmmaker meets with young people in central Cuba
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11 November 2022
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As part of her visit to the city of Santa Clara, Spanish journalist and filmmaker Ana Hurtado met with young communicators, journalists and social network activists from the province of Villa Clara, to whom she reasserted her devotion to Cuba and the need to stand up to the big hegemonic media of the world that silence the truth of the Caribbean island.

Ana called for the unity of all leftist movements in the world and urged her audience to take to the networks and showcase all the achievements of this nation that is not perfect but keeps striving to be better.

Osnay Miguel Colina Rodríguez, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province, remarked that the role of communication in these times demands much more creativity and transparency, exhorted Cuban journalists to be more on the offensive, avoid information gaps and improve the quality of their work.

On her second visit to the province of Villa Clara—she was here in 2017 when she came to Cuba for the first time—Ana Hurtado will fulfill a busy program that includes a city tour, a tribute to Che Guevara and meetings with local university students and professors.

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