Spain, the leading European source of tourists to Cuba

Spain, the leading European source of tourists to Cuba
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29 August 2022
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Havana, August 29 (RHC)-- Spain was the primary source of tourists from Europe to Cuba, from where 42,057  people traveled at the end of July this year, reported the digital site Expreso, a travel and tourism newspaper.

With data from Cuba's National Statistics Office, ONEI, that web portal highlighted that in the first seven months of 2022, Spanish tourism increased by more than 900 percent compared to what was recorded in that same period of 2021, when four thousand vacationers from that European nation were registered.

Cuba received from January to July of the current year one million 200 thousand 580 travelers, of which 834 thousand 891 were international visitors (693 thousand 592 more than in the same stage of the previous year) coming mainly from Canada, the United States, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Mexico, in that order.

In the case of Spain, the increase was due to the number of available flight routes between Madrid and Havana.

Cuba aspires this year to reach the figure of 2.5 million tourists, a goal the authorities are not giving up on, even though time is getting shorter to achieve it, and the recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic is not reaching the expected levels.

Sun and beach destinations, such as Varadero, a seaside resort that has undergone a significant remodeling, are today the country's main tourist center and are among the most demanded.

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