Relevant performance by cyclist Marlies Mejías in the U.S.

Relevant performance by cyclist Marlies Mejías in the U.S.
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22 June 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 21 (ACN) With victories in the last days of the Tour of America's Dairyland (ToAD), Cuban cyclist Marlies Mejías continues her excellent performance in some of the most important races in the United States.

Mejías led on an epic result of her club, the Twenty24, which monopolized the podium, with the Cuban at the top, followed by the Mexican Sofía Arreola and the American Jennifer Valente.

After she finished second in Wisconsin on the previous stage of the largest road cycling series in the U.S., her club’s managers posted on Facebook "This woman is tough as nails".

Earlier this month, the Cuban was second in the Clarendon Cup—which she won in 2017—and third in the Crystal Cup, and also second in the Tulsa Tough-McElroy River Park Criterium 2022. She also carried off the Tour de Tucson title last November in her debut at the iconic race.

In mid-2021, Mejías earned a place for Cuba in the individual time trials of the Central American and Caribbean Games of San Salvador 2023. She was Pan American champion in 2021 in the time trials held in the Dominican Republic.

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