Real human bodies

Real human bodies
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27 March 2022
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The Ecuadorian capital is hosting the exhibition “Cuerpos, cuerpos humanos reales” (Bodies, real human bodies), one of the most important and prestigious scientific-educational exhibits in the world.

Families, medical students, students from different educational centers and people interested in human anatomy have attended the show that leaves most of them thrilled.

The attraction for visitors is to get to know about the human body and when they get there they find eight complete bodies, five torsos and more than 100 organs. Explanations by medical experts in each one of the seven rooms make the visits more interesting.

According to organizers, the real bodies were donated by China.

The preservation technique used is plasticization, which according to studies was first used in Berlin, Germany, in 1972, as a result of research made by anatomist Gunther von Hagens to prevent bodies from decomposing and preserving them in time.

Before arriving in Quito, where it will be on display until April, the exhibit was in the port city of Guayaquil, where it was highly welcomed by the public.

For many, Bodies… is a way of taking a closer look at humans from inside, from the time of their birth until the final stage of life.

Some say it’s different and attractive, and others think that it should be aimed at people linked to the study of Medicine.

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