President Díaz-Canel recognizes work of digital media Cubadebate

President Díaz-Canel recognizes work of digital media Cubadebate
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5 August 2022
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Havana, Aug 5 (Prensa Latina) President Miguel Díaz-Canel recognized today the important role played by the Cubadebate site in clarifying the reality of the island at the international level and confronting the media war.

On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the foundation of that digital publication, the president congratulated the work team through his Twitter account and highlighted the talent and consecration of the medium.

He said to continue “its intense forums, where Cuba debates” and exhorted this group to take care of “the truth, immediacy and professionalism always. Cuba recognizes them and needs them”.

Cubadebate appeared on the network of networks on August 5, 2003 with the slogan and express objective of “fighting media terrorism”, and in that effort, it battles in the field of communication against the anti-Cuban media machinery financed and created by the government. from the United States.

In Washington’s shadow, according to complaints, private media outlets are created and media figures are fabricated with the purpose of distorting the reality of Cuba in the world and promoting destabilization at the internal level under the guidance of the so-called Special Group for the Internet in Cuba.

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