Pope Francis calls to trace together paths of peace in 2023

Pope Francis calls to trace together paths of peace in 2023
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1 January 2023
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Pope Francis on Sunday said at the first Mass of 2023 in St. Peter's Basilica, that "no one can save himself" and called to "start again from Covid-19 to trace together paths of peace".

In his message, in the framework of the LVI World Day of Peace, the Supreme Pontiff said that ” we need hope, as the Earth needs rain”.

He called for prayers “for so many brothers and sisters affected by war worldwide”, in particular for those who “live these days of celebration in darkness, in misery and fear, plunged into violence and indifference”.

During the Mass and later at the Angelus prayer, held at noon hours, Pope Francis pointed out that we are aware of “responsibility to build the future.”

“If we really want the new year to be a good one, if we want to rebuild hope, we must abandon languages, gestures and choices inspired by selfishness and learn the language of love,” Pope Francis stressed.

“Ahead of personal and social crises we are presently experiencing, ahead of the tragedy of war, we are called to face our world´s challenges with responsibility and compassion,” but “we cannot remain comfortably waiting for things to get better. We must rise up, seize opportunities”, and “go, take risks”.

The commitment of each one of us, he said, must be “to take care of our life, to take care of our time, our soul; to take care of creation and environment in which we live and, even more, to take care of our neighbor.

Plus, Pope Francis mourned the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, “who departed this world on Saturday morning,” and added that “we all unite, with one heart and one soul, to give thanks to God for the gift of this faithful servant of the Gospel and Church.

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