Pablo's Concert in Havana: Culture Instead of Hatred

Pablo's Concert in Havana: Culture Instead of Hatred
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22 June 2022
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Pablo sang to his best audience (the first audience, as he himself confessed at the beginning of his concert) because his work is the heritage of that audience, of the essential culture of his nation.


As expected, the co-founder of the Cuban Nueva Trova and one of the few paradigms of the poetic song that still remains in this world swamped with reggaeton and the so-called urban songs, made the Coliseum of Sports City vibrate. Havana sang his classic songs again, those that make up Pablo's symbolic capital that welcomes crowds: the crowd that filled the venue: thousands representing millions.


Those who, through that machinery of lies that make up some Internet websites dedicated to attacking Cuba, tried to undermine a cultural event and turn a concert into an eminently political demonstration, once again made a fool of themselves. They very ones who failed with the Peace Without Borders concert in Havana in 2009, who tried to manipulate the rap movement in Cuba for political purposes or who more recently bowed, under the most shameful blackmail, to a small group of creators who chose to in exchange for an fleeting good life, to sell his country.


In Havana, on another hot night in June, culture prevailed instead of hatred. Despite time, the ruthless one, the one that passed, the 79-year-old singer met with the people again, an audience that sings along his songs because they know they are part of their heritage, their history, their own.

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