October: Especial Month for Cubans

October: Especial Month for Cubans
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5 October 2023
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The tenth month of the year has begun, which for the northern hemisphere is equalled to autumn, with the consequent fall of leaves from the trees and with that certain stereotypical melancholy of gray days.

However, here in Cuba autumn is just a simulation and the month started with almost the same heat that has already cooked us.

But some very special events do distinguish the month of October for those born in Cuba, whose name comes from the Latin "octo", which means "eight", because in the ancient Roman calendar it was the eighth month of the year, which began in March.

On October 8, 1967, the Heroic Guerrilla, Ernesto Guevara, was captured alive and murdered the next day in the little school of La Higuera, Bolivia. And also this month, on the 14,  1997, the remains of Che and his companions from the Reinforcement Detachment who fell in the guerrilla feat in Bolivia arrived in Santa Clara.

On October 10, 1868, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes shouted "Independence or Death" at his La Demajagua sugar mill and granted freedom to his slaves. That day the Ten-Year War began.

On October 16, 1953, Fidel Castro's historic self-defense took place in the trial of Case No. 37 for the events of July 26 of that year. That plea would be known as "History Will Absolve Me" and became the "Moncada Program."

Also in October, on the 20 day of the tenth month, in year 1868, the notes of what was later recognized as our National Anthem, written by Perucho Figueredo, resonated for the first time in Bayamo. That has been established as Cuban Culture Day.

It was also in October, on the 27, 1492, when Christopher Columbus arrived in Cuba, whose beauty impressed him in such a way that it made him assure "This is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen."

On October 28, 1959, the plane in which Commander Camilo Cienfuegos was returning to Havana from Camagüey disappeared.

The so-called Missile Crisis or October Crisis (1962), the tragedy caused by hurricane Flora (1963), the founding by Fidel of the Communist Party of Cuba and its Central Committee (1965), as well as the terrible terrorist attack (1976 ) that caused the destruction in mid-flight of a Cubana de Aviación DC-8 aircraft with 73 people on board, also stand out, along with other events, this month is unforgettable in the memory of Cubans.

And although it had no impact in our country, on October 29, 1969 was when the first message was broadcast over Internet, that network of networks that now allows us to communicate, easily consult anniversaries and stories, and spread the word about how much each October means to the people. born on this Caribbean island.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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