Nicaragua called on UN not to submit to imperialist designs

Nicaragua called on UN not to submit to imperialist designs
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27 September 2022
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United Nations, September 27 (RHC)-- During the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, Nicaragua's Foreign Affairs Minister Denis Moncada asked multilateral institutions to respect the sovereignty of the countries and remain independent from the interests of the hegemonic powers.

“We come to speak on behalf of a heroic, dignified, sovereign, free people, who, together with so many other heroic, dignified, sovereign and free peoples of the planet, have been demonstrating and exercising our national dignity and sovereignty, faced over centuries with the avarice, the colonial and imperial greed,” Moncada said.

The Nicaraguan diplomat then called on the international community not to submit to imperialist designs, promote a multipolar international order, and enforce the principle of the "Sovereign Equality of States" in all international organizations and forums.

"It is time to ensure that the United Nations Charter, and so many organizations that should serve to bring us together, are valid for everyone and respect the rights of everyone...! Now is and should be, the time of the Peoples!," he stressed.

As part of the process towards the consolidation of a new international order, Moncada asked the UN members to privilege dialogue as a mechanism for conflict resolution and reject all forms of coercive measures imposed by capitalist powers.

"It is time to reject criminal blockades and all the illegal, arbitrary, illicit aggressions, the so-called sanctions, which make self-evident the perversion of an imperialist and capitalist system and model, which seeks to continue bleeding the World dry, in full view and with the patient complacency of the organisms that should defend it," he pointed out.

On behalf of the Nicaraguan people, Moncada expressed his nation's solidarity with the worthy, brave, and noble struggles of the peoples of countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Palestine, Iran, and Russia.

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