National Immunization: Behavior of the Effectiveness of Cuban Vaccines

National Immunization: Behavior of the Effectiveness of Cuban Vaccines
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2 September 2021
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The Cuban radio and television program Mesa Redonda this Monday broadcasted to all the people and those who follow our media, updated information on the development of vaccines and Cuban vaccine candidates that are currently under study and that will enable our scientific sovereignty against Covid-19.

The results of the effectiveness of the first immunized municipalities in Havana in May are already beginning to show. Dr. C. Eduardo Martínez Díaz, president of BioCubaFarma, pointed out that “we have only had eight weeks to measure it, in other municipalities it’s only six to four weeks. Now we are having the opportunity to start measuring what has happened in Cuba."

Taking as starting date May until August 24th, it’s visible that “there’s an increasing trend, but if you take Havana where the vaccination began, you can see that the province had a level higher than the country's average, then there came a time when it was even below the average of the entire national territory”.

As for the outbreak of infections that took place last July in Havana, Martínez Díaz reported that the Delta strain was the cause of such upward curve. When this more contagious variant began to circulate in Havana "the cases increased, unvaccinated people began to get sick and to a lesser extent non-vaccinated people."

“The tendency in recent days in Havana was for the average incidence to approach that of the four municipalities where it was first vaccinated. Why? –he wonders - because the rest of municipalities have already carried out the process and a period has passed for the immunity of those vaccinated to set in”.

Regarding mortality, he said that “despite the appearance of the Delta strain in July and the fact that this parameter increased a little, in these four initial municipalities it was six times less than in Havana and the entire island. Obviously the factor in this case is vaccination”, he stressed.

In addition to these types of studies ongoing in Havana, in the other provinces, mainly in Matanzas where weeks have already passed after the vaccination, work is being done with task groups of the Ministry of Public Health and the BioCubaFarma centers to measure the effectiveness of the vaccination model with Abdala.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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