My Dog is a Thermometer

My Dog is a Thermometer
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17 August 2023
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I already thought about it, there’s something wrong with the temperature today.

And yes, before the news confirmed that on August 10, Havana had reached a record temperature in more than 100 years, my hairless chihuahua was already warning.

When he saw us drinking iced water, he went in circles around us, we thought it was because of the sound of the ice cubes, so beautiful.

But no, because we left the glasses at rest, and he was still attentive, waiting.

What my little dog wanted was ice! We just gave him an ice cube and he, usually very cold, began to lick it happily.

This is weird, we thought to ourselves, and then the meteorologist Elier Pila confirmed it: that Thursday around noon, the Casablanca Station “reported a maximum of exactly 37 degrees Celsius, a value that is half a degree higher than the record for a month of August throughout the province of Havana” and is the most relevant since 1909, when these records began.

To the singularities of this measurement of thermometers is added that it was registered in the Western, when, in general, it’s in the Cuban eastern side where mercury points reach red numbers.

Remember that temperatures are taken in the shade, hence the thermal sensation is much higher. No wonder, the hairless Chihuahua also set his personal record, scoring the first time he jumped at the prospect of licking ice just as if it were a piece of chicken.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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