Municipal Assemblies meet and analyze the work of delegates in Cuba

Municipal Assemblies meet and analyze the work of delegates in Cuba
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16 October 2022
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Havana, October 15 (PL)-- The Municipal Assemblies of People's Power are in session this Saturday across the country, with the analysis of the work of delegates and the management of the supreme body, in charge of the legislative and constituent command in Cuba.

According to the official profile of the Parliament on Twitter, the attendees are debating the document The People's Power and its challenges, alluding to the mechanisms of participation and citizen control and the need for a more effective execution in the assistance and solution to the proposals of the voters.

The text, enriched with the criteria and proposals of the representatives of the society, proposes the increase of public hearings in neighborhoods and communities and the promotion of creativity and innovation in these spaces of analysis and exchange of ideas.

This instrument, with six general lines of work and the corresponding strategies includes the demand of social actors to the administrative entities at the different levels of their responsibilities and the review of the quality of services.

The 2019 Magna Carta maintains the autonomy of the municipal entities, in that they elect or appoint their authorities and have among their powers the decision on the use of resources, the exercise of the corresponding competences and the issuance of agreements and regulatory mechanisms.

The structures hold ordinary meetings at least six times a year, observe the most relevant issues for the municipality's daily life, approve and review the economic, budget and integral development plan and certify the territorial and urban planning.

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