More US cities join actions against blockade of Cuba

More US cities join actions against blockade of Cuba
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27 September 2021
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The Global No Embargo Cuba Movement (NEMO) noted on Monday that more cities are joining the fight against the unilateral blockade imposed by the United States on the Caribbean island.

For the first time, New Britain, in the northeastern state of Connecticut, participated in the caravans against the cruel blockade against Cuba, Jose Oro, one of the group's leaders, told Prensa Latina when referring to the success of the event that took place on September 26.

The decision to start doing this kind of action in this city 'is due to the fact that there is a considerable progressive student mass, many of them of Latin American origin,' he stressed, adding that in a general sense, the demographic features of that territory allow carrying out the solidarity action.

At least 18 vehicles traveled through downtown New Britain carrying flags and posters. In addition, several speeches were targeted at the students, especially that of Henry Leowendorf, leader of the support-for-Cuba group in the region.

Another speaker was Joel Sanchez, a well-known musician and social activist of Puerto Rican origin, as well as two members of NEMO, Oro said.

He added that the speeches highlighted the truth about Cuban medical cooperation in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the extraordinary fact that Cuba has developed its own vaccines and has immunized a large part of its population, including children.

On the other hand, Oro noted that October is the month of celebrating the Hispanic culture in Connecticut and mass actions with musical groups are already being organized to 'bring on the message against the blockade and support for Cuba.'

Promoted by the Bridges of Love project, caravans and multiple actions were held on Sunday to support Cuba and condemn the US economic, commercial and financial blockade in more than twenty cities in nearly a dozen countries.


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