Michel Abreu ready if Cuba needs him to be manager

Michel Abreu ready if Cuba needs him to be manager
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9 February 2023
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Matanzas native Michel Abreu was one of the cornerstones of Mexican baseball team Cañeros de Mochis when they won the title of the Mexican league after twenty seasons with no titles at all.

He is responsible of the offensive department. And he did a great job. His team performed outstandingly throughout the season, and then, in the postseason.

While playing in Cuba, he hit 100-plus homers in 8 seasons and after he felt ignored by Cuban executives in making Cuban team rosters, he played in Nicaragua —where he owns the HR record in a single season (14) with Indios de Boer. He also played in Mexico —batting champion in 2012 with Sultanes de Monterrey—, and Japan where he led the HR department in the Pacific League with Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters.

Now in the 2023 Gran Caracas Caribbean Series, Abreu granted an interview for his native country, and showed his willingness to join the coaching staff if they ever call him.

“For all of us, it is an honor to represent our country. One always feels that passion, and I am ready to contribute in any way. We are always learning and trying to improve and any help is welcome.

“Our customs are never lost, wherever you are, the way we walk, speak, dance, and play dominoes is unique. We miss all of that.”

Regarding the absence of his compatriot Yasmany Tomás in this Caribbean Series due to personal reasons, the 45-year-old coach said that it is a sensitive loss for the squad.

“He was one of the team leaders. Since he started with us, he drove in a lot of runs and ended up being the Most Valuable Player of the League, not only on the field, but also in the dugout. The other players saw his attitude and his positivity all the time.

“I'm sure he can still play in the big leagues or in Japan. He owns tremendous power and he just has to put his mind to it, because he is still young.”

What difference do you see in today’s Cuban teams and the ones you played for in international tournaments?

“In Cuba, baseball is improving little by little. Players can play abroad. When I had my first contract, I realized that the training methods were outdated. Now, players playing in Japan, Mexico and other nations leagues can bring in all that knowledge back to Cuba and hence training methods are changing. There are still room to improve, but they will reach the best level little by little.”

Abreu does not know what fate has in store for him, but he has already shown his stance, and if at some point the Cuban Baseball Federation, in addition to baseball players, want to have coaches based in another country, they can count on him.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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