Laura Pausini grateful to Cuban Doctors

Laura Pausini grateful to Cuban Doctors
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6 July 2020
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When he answered his cellphone, Andry —born in Matanzas, Cuba— could not believe what he had just saw. Was she really Laura Pausini? Seriously?

Oh, yes. The very same Laura Pausini. She was making video calls to her fans to sing for them the usual three songs she uses to share.

But even before explaining to her the real reason of her video call, she seized the opportunity to “thank all Cuban doctors who arrived in Italy to help us, and I would like to send my sincere appreciation to all doctors who came here.”

The talk began with the thrilled voice of a young man who went in a blink of an eye from an overwhelming surprise to the satisfaction of telling her that we were safe here and the virus had been contained much better than in other countries.

I do not know Andry’s age, but thanks to the conversation posted in Facebook we can reach one conclusion, he knows Laura Pausini’s work by heart.

To me, already hovering around my forties, she will be always the girl of Se Fue and Amores extraños, but also the woman whose phrase still lingers on time: “Cuba, I love you!”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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