Journalist Brian Mier warns about US coup against Brazil and Lula

Journalist Brian Mier warns about US coup against Brazil and Lula
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26 July 2021
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Brasilia, Jul 26 (Prensa Latina) The US government is currently orchestrating an attack on Brazil, possibly to prevent former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who is leading opinion polls on Monday, from being elected president again, US journalist Brian Mier warned in an interview with TV 247 about US Ambassador to Brazil Todd Chapman's statements on the White House's concern about corruption in Brazil.
According to Mier, the United States is orchestrating a new coup against Brazil.

'He was honest (Chapman). The United States is not concerned about democracy, but oil. That was exactly the main reason for the 2016 coup: privatizing large reserves of fuel and natural gas,' Mier said.

According to the US journalist, it is necessary to be on the alert regarding a new attack from the United States, and he strongly recommended being ready on what might come later on.

'Be all set for another coup next year, be ready for a social media hype on the PT (Workers' Party) and Lula, because this is the new tool of full spectrum war from the United States,' he warned.

Mier suggested thinking about 'how we are going to defend ourselves from an attack of this nature. Everything is getting ready. We cannot think that just because Lula is leading the polls he will be elected as president.'

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