Italian puppets, traditions and styles arrive in Cuba

Italian puppets, traditions and styles arrive in Cuba
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28 May 2024
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As part of the 21st Assitej Congress (International Association of Theater for Children and Young People), the exhibition Burattini d'Italia, consisting of 20 puppets representative of traditions and styles from that European country, will be inaugurated in this capital on Tuesday.

The opening will take place at 5:00 p.m., local time, at the El Arca Puppet Theater-Museum in Old Havana.

The exhibition was curated by Italian puppeteer Valerio Aldrighi.

According to the website, Aldrighi is an Italian puppeteer from Milan and a promoter of the Burattini heritage and art in northern Italy.

The Burattini is a historic, artistic, artisanal and identity tradition from the city of Milan, which was in danger of disappearing.

The 21st World Congress of the International Association of Theater and Performing Arts for Children and Youth (Assitej), which will be held in Cuba until June 1, is complemented by the Festival of Performing Arts for Children and Youth “Voices of a New World.”

It features 29 shows from 15 countries, 10 of which are by Cuban groups. Cuba is the first country in Latin America to host a major Assitej event, and in 2024, the Hotel Nacional will be the main venue for the event.

The Voices of a New World Festival is taking place in Havana, in the theatrical circuit of Linea Street and in Argos Teatro, as well as in institutions in Havana’s Historic Heart, communities, schools and kindergartens.

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