Increase in the contagion curve due to Covid-19 marks week in Venezuela

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Increase in the contagion curve due to Covid-19 marks week in Venezuela
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27 June 2020
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During this week that just ended, Venezuela showed an exponential growth of the contagion curve by Covid-19 with a total of 4,779 positive cases to date.

In this regard, President Nicolás Maduro stressed that the outbreak of new contagions in the country is caused by those who unscrupulously enter people from Colombia and Brazil through trails, avoiding the border sanitary cord.

In several speeches this week, the president and other top officials stressed that regional authorities must ensure that the health posts on the border are not violated by gangsters, who pass people illegally and end up infecting families in many states.

Maduro pointed out that although Venezuela's figures are incomparable with those of Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and Peru, the negative impact that these actions have had due to unscrupulous individuals is impressive.

He urged to cut that chain of infections that began in April and stressed that the only way to achieve that is with radical and disciplined quarantine.

'We are obliged to submit to a radical, conscious and disciplined quarantine. This is not a political problem, this is a health, life and family problem. I thank you for the level of compliance and discipline in this formula of seven plus seven, 'he said.

Meanwhile, the Government intensified the epidemiological follow-up actions in the original towns located in the border state of Zulia, one of the most affected by Covid-19 in the country.

Last Thursday the Ministry for Indigenous Peoples said the government coordinated plans for the application of pandemic containment protocols among said populations in the region, affected as a result of the illegal passage of infected people through their territories.

At the meeting it was agreed to work together with indigenous representatives and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to combat the illegal activity in Zulia.

Since an outbreak of contagion was also detected in the middle of last month in the Las Pulgas market, in the city of Maracaibo, belonging to that same state, the Executive has reinforced sanitary measures in the region, in which members of the Cuban medical brigades Ernesto Che Guevara and Henry Reeve are working.

Meanwhile, executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, announced the application of plasma treatment to be appplied on positive patients for Covid-19.

Rodríguez reported in a television news program that plasma treatments on recovered patients will begin, after having good results in Cuba, China and Russia.

Currently, this South American country has applied more than a million tests in massive surveys that are carried out in vulnerable places or to people suspected of contagion.

Regarding the current condition of the patients, official reports indicate that two thousand 967 are asymptomatic, 429 have mild severe acute failure, six moderate to severe acute lung failure and also severe acute failure.

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