French Popular Relief to support housing reconstruction in Cuba

French Popular Relief to support housing reconstruction in Cuba
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11 October 2022
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French People's Relief offered details of a 50,000-euro project to help Cuba rebuild homes and dairy farms severely damaged by Hurricane Ian in the western province of Pinar del Rio.

The initiative is being executed by the Cuban Association of Animal Production (ACPA) and consists of repairing the roofs of 17 houses of workers of a Basic Business Unit and six dairy farms of the entity in the community of Punta de Palma, in the municipality of Pinar del Río, one of the most affected by the storm on September 27.

In declarations to Prensa Latina, the representative of International Projects of the French Popular Relief, Olga Álvarez, said that the project will benefit 17 families of the company's workers and around 6,700 people living in the area.

Assistance to the victims of Ian and food security is at the center of the work program, which foresees the recovery of livestock production in at least one year.

According to Álvarez, the project also seeks to secure buildings to minimize possible damage in the event of future hurricanes, following the devastation caused by the recent hurricane with its winds of up to 200 kilometers per hour and associated rains.

The French People's Relief ratified with its endorsement the non-governmental organization's willingness to work with Cuba, in a relationship that began in 1963, when Hurricane Flora hit the eastern part of the island, and was systematized three decades ago.

Following the announcement of the initiative at the beginning of the month, the Cuban ambassador to France, Otto Vaillant, expressed his gratitude for the help in the difficult times the Caribbean country is going through and in its recovery efforts. (Source: PL)

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