French mayor demands end to the blockade against Cuba

French mayor demands end to the blockade against Cuba
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7 November 2022
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Paris, Nov 7 (RHC) The mayor of the city of Tremblay, France, François Asensi, today condemned the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, and demanded its end.

The blockade is scandalous and cannot be tolerated, it is an unacceptable policy, told Prensa Latina the politician who has headed the commune located in the Paris Region since 1991.

Tremblay, France organized over the weekend a day dedicated to Cuba, its sports, and culture, taking advantage of the fact that the city is hosting the island's youth boxing team, which is preparing for the world championship of the category this month in Alicante, Spain.

According to Asensi, the meeting, in addition to promoting friendship and solidarity between the two countries, allowing an approach to the Antillean nation and the reality of a people hit by more than 60 years of U.S. blockade.

We want our children and young people to know what is happening there, an island whose development is hindered by the United States, he stressed.

Otto Vaillant, Cuban ambassador to France, thanked the mayor for his position and highlighted the recent almost unanimous rejection at the UN General Assembly of the siege imposed by Washington. (Source: PL)

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