French city welcomes Cuban athletes for Paris 2024

French city welcomes Cuban athletes for Paris 2024
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21 June 2024
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The municipal councilor of the city of Tremblay-en-France Michel Bodart expressed satisfaction with the reception of Cuban athletes for their preparation and acclimatization for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

This Thursday, the Cuban Olympic boxing team arrived on French soil, made up of five boxers, including the twice champions of the summer events Julio César La Cruz (92 kilograms) and Arlen López (80), a squad that will have a training base in Tremblay -in-France.

Bodart highlighted that the city has already received Cuban boxers before, both youth and main figures, based on the will of the commune of the Paris Region and its mayor François Asensi to re-energize ties that the Covid pandemic-19 affected.

According to the municipal councilor, support for the island before and during the Olympic Games will transcend sports, thanks to a joint project with the Cuba Coopération France association (CubaCoop) and the Cuban government.

Starting July 22, there will be activities in Tremblay-en-France related to Cuban culture, including music, dances, its results in various areas of society, and its reality.

For the president of CubaCoop, Víctor Fernández, the upcoming days in the commune of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis will represent an opportunity to show support and solidarity for the island.

For two years, the association has been carrying out a project aimed at supporting the preparation of athletes from the largest of the Antilles with a view to Paris 2024, an initiative that will have its climax days and weeks before the event, so that develop their final training and promote their acclimatization.

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