French activists call for solidarity with Cuba on May 1st

French activists call for solidarity with Cuba on May 1st
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26 April 2020
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The organization Cuba Si France has called for solidarity with Cuba on May 1st, International Workers' Day -- making it a day of solidarity with the island and its people who are resisting an intensified U.S. blockade.

The campaign is named "El Muguete de la Solidaridad" (The Lily of Solidarity), from a tradition that makes that flower of the lily family, also known as Lily of the Valley, the dominant flower in the streets and markets of France on May 1st.

"What is the country that for more than half a century has been sending not troops but tens of thousands of doctors to the most distant and inhospitable places in the world to deal with all kinds of health disasters? It is Cuba," the association stated in the call.

Cuba Si France, founded in 1991 to accompany Cuab in its defense of the right to sovereignty, recalled that for 60 years the island has been suffering from the U.S. blockade, which it described as genocidal, preventing the development of the country and the purchase of essential medicines to treat serious diseases, including those affecting children.

Cuba Si France stressed that every May 1st represents an enthusiastic celebration in Cuba, organized by the Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC) and illustrating support for the revolution and world solidarity.

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