Freedom Caravan travels from the east to the Cuban capital

Freedom Caravan travels from the east to the Cuban capital
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4 January 2021
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Havana, January 4 (RHC) The reenactment of the historic Freedom Caravan is moving forward this Monday from eastern Cuba to Havana, supporting the continuity of the revolutionary process begun on the island 62 years ago.

This undertaking evokes the route of more than a thousand kilometers followed from January 2 to 8, 1959 by the members of the Rebel Army, led by Fidel Castro, to confirm to the people the victory over the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista and to announce the beginning of a new era.

This time the convoy, made up of representatives of the new generations and veteran combatants, left last January 2 from the 26 de Julio School City, formerly the Moncada Barracks, a military bastion of tyranny in Santiago de Cuba, and toured the also eastern city of Bayamo.

On Sunday, the caravan members arrived in the city of Holguín, where they were greeted by the authorities of the Cuban Communist Party and the provincial government, who inaugurated works of social interest, reported the national television.

It is expected that next January 8, the caravan travels through several neighborhoods of Havana until they reach the former military camp of Columbia, today's School City of Liberty, in remembrance of the historical event that had as its culmination the speech given by Fidel Castro at that site.

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