Fidel Always

Fidel Always
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25 November 2021
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Those Cuban voices that on November 25th, 2016 chanted “I am Fidel”! They became an unstoppable torrent overflowing the Revolution Square and today they continue to resonate, vital, convinced.

In that posthumous tribute that the people of this Island paid to the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on the occasion of his physical disappearance, that slogan was born from the deepest and most genuine of the Cuban hearts, which continues to vibrate, increasing its strength and drive with each attempt to blur the work that he forged "with everyone and for the everyone’s sake."

This slogan has found a supportive echo in the most dissimilar latitudes of this world. On each measure the U.S. government that intensifies its hatred against the Cuban Revolution, before each destabilizing claim that is proposed from inside the Island, with the always support of those who hate and destroy, annihilate our sovereignty, eclipse our conquests, also far beyond our country, voices have been raised crying out for Cuba, multiplied that they are also Fidel, supporters of the continuity of his work.

It couldn’t be otherwise and Martí had already said it in 1895: "Whoever raises up today for Cuba raises up for all times."

For all times, Fidel built next to the people this work of humanity and justice that is the Cuban Revolution, which in these difficult years of pandemic, devastating blockade and destabilizing attempts, has managed to grow, precisely inspired by the drive and greatness of its historical leader.

It so happens that "From Fidel we learned that the most difficult dreams are achievable if we trust the people," said Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel last August.

And so it’s confirmed every day by the encouragement of this country, which never tires of conquering dreams through the path of truth and justice, where the chorus of voices will continue to make history and always repeat "I am Fidel!"

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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