Eusebio, 80

Eusebio, 80
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12 September 2022
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Eusebio Leal wanted to live another life so he could finish everything he started in this one. This is a recurring dream of those people who do a lot while alive: truth is that two lives would not be enough for sure. In his second life, he would have undertaken new projects, realized many dreams…and disappointment for not witnessing all fulfilled would be always certain.

Men like Eusebio Leal build future even though their accomplishments positively affect contemporary men as well.

You walk through some of the wonderful streets in the Old Havana, visit restored buildings, attend cultural projects and you are amazed by all the heritage he saved and socialized, exalted by a man and his staff (he rejected personal apostolates). Eusebio did a lot. He built with stones and ideas.

The great Cuban historian would have turned 80. He was a man of thinking and action, a committed citizen, a true Cuban. He certainly would not have wallowed in vain indulgences. He assumed life as a celebration of work, beauty and love. And work, beauty and love are always offered to others, with others, and for others.

Eusebio was a Renaissance man, a man who mastered numerous edges of knowledge and creation. He was a connoisseur in many areas. But above all, he was a moral authority.

His skill for dialogue, for frank and respectful debate, for fruitful exchange with all sectors, made the Cuban people admired him. He was, still is, a reference.

An extraordinary speaker, he personified in his speeches the spirit and aspirations of many of his fellow citizens. He loved Martí and faithfully followed the principles of ethics.

He loved his city and devoted himself to it. He loved his country and did his best for Cuba. He honored the heroes with his words and his arm.

One life was not enough for everything he dreamed of, but his life was a seed. His life multiplied.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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