Esteban Lazo participates in videoconference with Cuban deputies

Esteban Lazo participates in videoconference with Cuban deputies
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18 September 2021
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Esteban Lazo Hernández, president of the National Assembly of People's Power, participated in a videoconference with deputies from all over the country who are also members of the Commission for Attention to Services of the Cuban legislature.

"The work of this Commission is decisive in the moments we are living. The first task in which we all have to be involved, is the prevention and confrontation of COVID-19," he said.

During the meeting, he stressed the importance of continuing to support, with the work of these deputies, the improvement of the People's Power, the strengthening of local production in the territories, economic control and budget savings, the fight against crime and illegalities, strict compliance with the sanitary protocol before the upcoming reopening of borders in the tourism sector, among other essential programs for the nation.

Lazo Hernández said during the videoconference presided by Deputy María del Carmen Concepción González, Head of this Parliamentary Commission: "The work of this Commission is very broad and must be enriched with popular control. It is necessary to be well prepared in the legal norms every time a control and inspection is carried out".

In every control and auditing activity, the population's proposals must be consulted, as well as the criteria issued in the social network sites, due to their incidence in sectors of great popular interest that are a priority for the nation, such as commerce, transportation, communications, among other services, as well as the study of the corresponding legal instruments, Concepción González pointed out in her speech.

The main tasks to be developed in October, November and December by its members were also analyzed during the videoconference. It was also anylized how to put into practice the agreements of the 8th Party Congress, the macro-programs and the National Plan for Economic and Social Development until 2030; among other issues. (Taken from ACN)

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