Erick Hernández, Nerves Before the Microphone

Erick Hernández, Nerves Before the Microphone
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13 January 2023
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Among the things that characterizes the multi-record holder for ball control Erick Hernández is his composure every time he takes on a new challenge, something that’s also seen when he dares as a commentator on the Havana Channel. However, exclusively for CubaSí, he confessed that he is crumbling inside when he becomes a commentator.

“The role of commentator was a bit casual, I’ve always liked soccer, but it’s a challenge, because you have to prepare yourself since the Cuban people are quite versed about soccer. In my case, I avoid talking about history and statistics and focus more on what happens in each game. I think that makes me more nervous than my daily work, because when you’re going to attempt a record you prepare for a longer time and it’s almost 100% sure because you do it in training. The chances of failure are very low, but before the cameras almost everything is improvised.”

What are the plans for 2023?

“For 2023 I plan to hold the record for the most touches dominating with the head from a sitting position with weight (1.5 kg on each ankle) and the record for more than 10 hours and seven minutes dominating only with the feet, in addition to another one yet to be determined, it may be the one with the most headshots in a second. In the same year I try to work the same set of muscles, one record of endurance and a shorter one.”

Those you will try, are yours right?

“The 10-hour one is not in my possession, because I beat it but it was not approved, a North American did seven hours and seven minutes and I far exceeded that but it does not appear in the Guinness Book of Records. All the documentation was sent in order, but sometimes it gets hard for records to be recognized. Sometimes I’ve had to repeat the attempts at another time, because if you send the documentation and there is no response, it’s better to do it again, even twice in the same year.”

Was Everything Done as Established in Each Case?

“One of the things that I try to guarantee when I am going up for a record is that all the staff, the football committee, FIFA referees, with cameras to film, etc. are there. At the moment the only solution is to insist, I don’t want to speculate about the reasons for the problem.”

How Do You See the Ball Control in Cuba?

“There are guys like Johen Lefont who still work to keep the Cuban school of ball control alive, we have several record holders and that’s important. New challenges need to be set every year.”

The proximity of the World Cup did not go unnoticed, and we also talked about that, especially about the exciting final.

“Argentina surprised me to a certain extent, but it was a team that grew as the tournament passed, together with Morocco they were the most committed, and it also had a great job from the coach. I think that France did not give their all before the final and was surprised by Argentina. Their reaction came on the second half. France was my favourite, and I thought Argentina had to have a very good game combined with a regular game of France, but that's how it happened. The fatigue of the Argentines contributed to the reaction of the French, but it was a match worthy of a final.”

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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