Electoral power guarantees transparency of elections in Venezuela

Electoral power guarantees transparency of elections in Venezuela
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13 October 2020
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The National Electoral Council of Venezuela (CNE) guarantees the transparency of legislative elections to take place on December 6th by conducting audits at each of its stages.

As part of the schedule designed for the elections to renew the National Assembly, the CNE activated the verification process of the voting machines' software; with said process to extend until October 23rd.

The software audit of the electoral devices counted with the presence of organizations with political purposes, external auditors and technical personnel of the electoral power, in order to verify the inviolability and invulnerability of the vote.

Likewise, representatives of the Latin American Council of Electoral Experts and electoral bodies from countries such as Turkey, Argentina, Russia and South Africa intervened via videoconference to verify the correct operation of the automated system, the CNE reported.

In this sense, during the audit of the voting machine software, the Venezuelan authorities set up a simultaneous translation room to optimize interaction with the international experts involved in this process.

The main rector of the CNE, Tania D´Amelio, stressed that the auditable nature of each stage of the electoral process seeks to convey confidence to voters and political organizations, in addition to showing the total transparency of the procedures.

Likewise, the set of audits -16 in total- aims to certify the safe, precise and effective operation of the components, programming and equipment of the automated system for the day of voting, in order to guarantee the integrity of elections.

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