Educate and Save: a Task of Love

Educate and Save: a Task of Love
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12 August 2023
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Last Saturday they ended up exhausted, but happy: 37 pets from the community benefited from nail trimming, ear cleaning, health and parenting advice, and all for free.

But it’ s no exception: every fortnight this team of young people, veterinarians and technicians in this profession, come punctually to give their dose of love to those who come with their pets to Panorama Street and Lombillo, Nuevo Vedado, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. They remain in constant activity.

«Educa y Salva is a project that arises from the need to help dogs and cats in the community, in addition to providing guidance and raising awareness among all about animal protection issues. We are animal protectors and all volunteers, "explains Yanelys, and keeps saying hello here and there.

It’s amazing how he recognizes many of the pets, sometimes even by their names, and there’s no lack of caresses, dialogue with the neighbors who attend there and with whom he exchanges as if they were relatives or old acquantances.

Even the goat Bebita showed up with its owner, but only as a companion to the house dog.

«We are always happy to help and guide them, thanks to all the owners for coming and for allowing us to also be part of the family that loves and protects ». This is how they assure from their Facebook profile, and they are much more than words.

Because just attending one of those alternate Saturdays in which they are working to feel the authenticity of the affection, the professional procedure and also the good vibes that sprout from that point of the city as a fountain drawing smiles on the faces and serenity in the hearts.

More than Just Clipping Nails

In addition to the services listed above, they contribute to the neutering of strays, take part in anti-rabies vaccination campaigns, and participate in adoption fairs.

They have also organized parties for neighborhood children, who have collected donations for hurricane victims and have even marched as a team to give their support in those territories hit by hurricanes.

There are plenty the hairy and already trimmed pets waiting for their nails to be clipped and ears to be cleaned.

Its mobilizing sense is very interesting, because when the last hurricane hit Pinar del Río, they also summoned self-employed workers, local companies from social networks...: «We are going with a construction brigade, tools and building materials. Any TCP, CNA, PDL, SME, construction company that can come on board with workers and materials will be very helpful. The more, the greater the help!" they say.

Not infrequently pets are important company for the elderly.

They are an NGO, self-sustaining from the sale of items for pets, with which they can punctually cover expenses for stray animals, and it’s also what allows them to offer the free service they provide, whose rates are now very high in the case of non-state veterinary clinics.

The education they teach with their example, especially among children and adolescents, is one of those services whose value can never go to the level of any wallet.

She took her little dog, Roky, with tremendous responsibility and care.

"How pleased we are to help and provide a free service for all our community animals, they appreciate it and their owners too." They assure it over and over again on their Facebook profile and I wish it could be the heaven of the community, a large blackboard to write down how pleased it is to know that there are young people like them, to whom, after offering their services, the happy wagging of a tail or the purring of a cat, serves as the best thank you, the greatest applause.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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