EDITORIAL: Against the Blockade, Once Again

EDITORIAL: Against the Blockade, Once Again
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3 November 2022
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In a session of the United Nations General Assembly, a few hours before the draft resolution to lift the United States blockade against Cuba is put to the vote, dozens of speakers, representatives of governments and multilateral organizations, have condemned the genocidal policy of successive U.S. administrations against Cuba.


Beyond the shadow of a doubt the blockade is contrary to the most elementary notions of legality. And its extraterritoriality violates international relations practices. But there’s also a moral component: it’s not ethical to try to submit a people to harsh sanctions for the solely fact that they do not agree with the social and political model they have chosen.


Because although its promoters claim that the "embargo" (a blatant cynical euphemism) affects only one government, its effects impact the entire fabric of a society. The objective remains the same as always: submit a people by hunger.


Even the detractors of the Cuban Revolution know that the blockade is the first obstacle to the integral development of the country. No wonder they ignore it when they blame the government for all the shortcomings of the crisis. Cuba's position is simple: dismantle the blockade and demonstrate that the model is inefficient. The most reluctant enemies of Cuban socialism do not even consider that possibility. Their bet falls on the dirty, inclement, grueling war.


The room where the draft resolution is debated has been the scene of successive and overwhelming votes against that policy. The United States has ignored them. And it will certainly ignore the next one, which will imply a new defeat in the United Nations Organization.


For Cuba, this almost unanimous demonstration of rejection of a blockade that entails serious consequences for the country and its inhabitants is important, despite the rhetoric of the representatives of the United States government.


There’s no possible justification, there’s no right, there’s no convincing argument for the blockade, other than the arrogance of the governments that have applied it.


And facing all the obstacles this monstrosity originates, Cuba is still standing, which confirms the fiasco of the decadent policy.

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