Ecuador: Police Forces Violate Three Universities’ Autonomy

Ecuador: Police Forces Violate Three Universities’ Autonomy
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21 June 2022
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Since the beginning of the national strike last June 13, the Ecuadorian National Police has violated the autonomy of three universities, entering without authorization, and threatening security guards.

Ecuadorian National Police has violated the autonomy of at least three universities. Last Wednesday, on the third consecutive day of protests, there was repression by the police forces against the students who gathered at the institution.

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A march was taking place outside the university, blocking the 12 de Abril avenue, where the demonstrators indicated to the police that it was a peaceful march. Despite the aforementioned, the police repression began and people responded by throwing stones.

The rector of the University, María Augusta Hermida, rejected the violence against the students and denounced the violation of the university's autonomy, because of the attack with tear gas bombs inside the institution. The event was recorded in videos that were released on social networks.

On the night of Monday, June 20, on the eighth day of protests, members of the Order Maintenance Unit (UMO) entered, without authorization to the National Polytechnic School (EPN). The university authorities explained that the police officers threatened, lied, and intimidated the security guards to access the campus.

The National Polytechnic School denounces the violation of university autonomy by the public force. In a statement, it refers to police officer entering the campus with "threats and lies."

The entrance to this institution occurred when thousands of demonstrators arrived at the university sector, considered a peace zone. On the morning of June 21, 2022, on the ninth day, UMO troops violated the university autonomy of the Catholic University of Ecuador.

According to reports, several police officers entered without authorization through Pasaje España. After being evicted, the public force threw tear gas bombs inside the educational center.

The three universities rejected the violation of university autonomy and demanded answers from the authorities through official communiqués. In addition, they made an urgent call for dialogue in an escalation of the demonstrations.

Ecuador’s nationwide strike reached 8 days..

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