Dozens marched in London against the US blockade on Cuba

Dozens marched in London against the US blockade on Cuba
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19 June 2021
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Dozens of people marched on Saturday in the United Kingdom to demand the US blockade against Cuba be lifted, four days away from the UN General Assambley voting on a resolution against this hostile policy.

In London, the demonstrators called by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) marched through several emblematic sites of the city such as Parliament Square and Whitehall Avenue, until culminating at the central Trafalgar Square, to the cry of 'blockade is hate, send love to Cuba'.

We are here to show our support for the Caribbean island before the vote next Wednesday at the UN General Assembly, and to demand the lifting of these unjust and cruel sanctions, the director of the CSC, Rob Miller, told Prensa Latina.

The activist pointed out that they also wish to ask US President Joe Biden to reverse the 240 measures imposed by Republican Donald Trump to tighten the unilateral blockade that has been in force for 60 years.

It is a humanitarian request at a time when the world is going through a humanitarian crisis, Miller pointed out.

Saturday's march in London, which was repeated in Manchester, Sheffield and other cities, was also attended by members of Cubans in the UK, which brings together residents of the Caribbean country in the United Kingdom.

The mobilizations are part of the global project Bridges of Love, which advocates the end of coercive measures against Cuba and the normalization of relations between Washington and Havana.


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