Donald Trump: his official return to politics

Donald Trump: his official return to politics
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1 July 2021
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Trump kicked off on Saturday his so-called “revenge tour” against Republicans who defied him in the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. elections and the Capitol storming last January 6th.

It was reported, that very same Saturday, by the CNN and the Spanish news agency EFE.

The former President held his first rally in Wellington, Ohio, before hundreds followers, and it was seen as his return to political life.

In the rally, same style of previous ones he led during his administration and and hiw two electoral campaigns, the typical show of red hats and t-shirts was there, as well as posters with the motto “Save America.”

The rally’s goal was to glorify one of his former aides in the White House, Max Miller, who will defy in next year’s Republican primaries congressman Anthony González for a seat in the state district.

González was one of the ten Republicans at the U.S. House of Representatives who voted for the impeachment of Trump after the Capitol storming.

Both media report that it is going to be one of the biggest tests to the post presidential power of Trump, assessing whether he still has the sway with base Republican voters that he enjoyed during his four years in the White House.

Liz Harrington, who served as chief spokeswoman for the former President said that “(Trump) will launch an aggressive campaign against each and every person not representing the will of voters.”

In this first rally, he addressed a subject that earned the sympathy of his far-right supporters, immigration and the situation in the border with Mexico.

Besides, he recalled that next Wednesday he will travel to that place and stated that Vice-President Kamala Harris visited the place after he previously announced his visit.

Simultaneously, he defended the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iranian nuclear deal as well as the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

He also reiterated his unfounded allegations of electoral fraud in the presidential elections last November. He also lambasted against online voting and pointed out that Democrats took profit of the pandemic to win the elections.

That rally —and others scheduled— are generally viewed as a strategy to consolidate Trump's position as leader of the Republican Party, where he is still the most popular public figure among the voting base.

Trump warned in the rally that Republicans want to retake control over both Houses of Congress at the mid-term elections to be held in 2022, and in 2024, the White House. He did not confirm if he will run for office, though.

On the weekend of July 4th, he is scheduled to hold another rally in Florida.

That information is ironically released when the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is mulling criminal charges against Trump’s family business, Trump Organization, for possible tax, insurance frauds and other felonies.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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