Dina Boluarte Will Present to Judicial Authorities on April 5

Dina Boluarte Will Present to Judicial Authorities on April 5
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1 April 2024
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The president-designate of Peru, Dina Boluarte, left without clarifying the origin of three high-end watches by which the prosecution raided her house and the presidential palace, in the early morning, by the so-called 'Rolex Case', while agreeing to appear before the competent judicial authorities on April 5.


Prosecutor and Police Raid House of Peruvian President

Boluarte’s defense said that the appointment of the head of state in the Public Prosecutor’s Office by alleged illicit enrichment, would be this Friday, April 5, as this was verbally mentioned by prosecutor Hernán Mendoza during the proceedings today.

In a statement from the entity it was detailed that the records made in the office and presidential residence, the night of 29 and first hours of March 30, 2024, ''was conducted by order of the Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic; therefore, it is ruled out that our intervention was illegitimate, unconstitutional and abusive.''This after Boluarte and her lawyer declared that the proceedings carried out were illegal, abusive, and unconstitutional, for having violated the locks of the door, something that prosecutors and other jurists have said that the president did not want to collaborate and did not show her willingness to collaborate with the authorities.

The Public Minister also highlighted in its statement that ''In that diligence, the President of the Republic did not locate or deliver the Rolex watches, although she was required -Boluarte’s lawyers said they seized 3 of the watches-.' ; however, other elements of interest to the investigation were obtained.''

Boluarte, who assumed the presidency in December 2022, began to be investigated on March 18 for alleged crime of illicit enrichment and failure to record statements in public documents. However, Boluarte avoided, on the "recommendation of his lawyer", referring publicly to the so-called Rolex case until he can testify before the prosecution, which is scheduled for Friday, April 5.

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