Cuban Triple Jumpers Win in European Athletic Meeting

Cuban Triple Jumpers Win in European Athletic Meeting
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12 February 2023
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The Cuban triple jumpers Liadagmis Povea and Leyanis Pérez made it 1-2 again in an athletic rally in Europe, now in Paris, France, a silver category tournament of the World Athletics Indoor Tour.


Povea, ranked fifth in Tokyo 2020 Olympics and third in Lima 2019 Pan American Games, secured first place with a mark of 14.26 meters (m), which is a record for that event.


The winner achieved that result on her third attempt, and in the previous one she stretched to 14.20 m, which would also have been enough to come out on top, ahead of her partner Pérez (14.18 m), who did it on her first chance and only had three attempts.


In this triple jump test, Tugba Danismaz, with 14.13 m, completed the vanguard trio in Paris, according to the official website of the French Athletics Federation.


For the Cuban athletes it was the third time in the current indoor winter tour in which they managed to place themselves in the first two positions.


In Mondeville, also on French soil, Pérez, winner at the I Junior Pan American Games in Cali, Colombia, in 2021, and winner of the Ibero-American tournament last May in Alicante, Spain, dominated with 14.48 m, which is her personal record indoors.


With this result, the 21-year-old girl improved her previous best mark by a centimeter, leaving her compatriot Povea (14.39 m) in second place.


In that competition, the Turkish Danismaz (14.12 m) was again in third place as escort of the Cuban jumpers.


Earlier in Karlsruhe, Germany, on January 27th, Povea triumphed with 14.64m to beat her partner and reach her career best indoors, surpassing the 14.54m achieved at that same event in 2021.


In Karlsruhe, Pérez, fourth in the XVIII World Athletics Championships held in Eugene, United States, last July, was second with 14.45 m.

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