Cuban President recalls Fidel Castro's concept of Revolution

Cuban President recalls Fidel Castro's concept of Revolution
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1 May 2020
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 The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, recalled today the concept of Revolution defined by the historic leader Fidel Castro exactly 20 years ago at the mass meeting on occasion of the International Workers' Day.

The head of state shared on his Twitter account the words of Fidel Castro along with the hashtags #VivaElPrimeroDeMayo #ViviremosYVenceremos.

Two decades ago, the leader of the Revolution declared this process is above all 'a sense of the historical moment; it is the need to change everything that must be changed; it is full equality and freedom; it is to be treated and to treat others as human beings'.

In 2000, in front of the crowd gathered in the José Martí Plaza in Havana, the then president of the island expressed that Revolution 'is emancipating us by ourselves and with our own efforts; (...) it is defending values ??that we believe in at the cost of any sacrifice'.

Likewise, he declared that 'it is modesty, disinterest, altruism, solidarity and heroism; it means to fight with boldness, intelligence and realism; it is never to lie or violate ethical principles; it is a deep conviction that there is no force in the world capable of crushing the force of truth and ideas.

'Revolution is unity, it is independence, it is fighting for our dreams of justice for Cuba and for the world, which is the basis of our patriotism, our socialism and our internationalism,' said the Cuban leader.

Today, 20 years later, Cuba celebrates a different May 1, at home and on social media, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At 08:00 local time, Cubans intoned the National Anthem from their homes while national television remembered as a guide for the present, the concept of Revolution raised two decades ago.


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