Cuban president affirms that Africa can always count on Cuba

Cuban president affirms that Africa can always count on Cuba
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25 May 2020
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel reiterated on Monday, Africa Day, that the African continent will always be able to count on the Caribbean nation.

On his Twitter account, the Cuban president recalled that the Spanish brought from those lands -- as slaves -- the ancestors of the current generations of Cubans, who returned in tens of thousands, voluntarily, to fight for independence during the movements for African liberation from colonialism.

Diaz-Canel said: "Together we shed shared blood; together we face the challenge of development."

In another message on that same social network, he highlighted Cuba's deep affection for the people of Africa, and said that the region honors African heritage with doctors and teachers.

"Cuba brings solidarity and brotherhood to a continent where empires have brought nothing but contempt, war and plunder," Diaz-Canel said.

On Africa Day, the Cuban Foreign Ministry issued a statement reaffirming the friendship and brotherhood with the countries of this area, to which it is bound by ties of blood, culture and history.

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